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The immense Research & Development in the field of soft gel formulations has helped in soft gels being recognized as a vital and effective drug delivery system. Over the years the quanta of products available as soft gel formulations have increased to an astonishing scale. Owing to the advantages offered by soft-gel formulations as a drug delivery system, a substantial number of conventional formulations are being developed and switched to soft gels.

Some of the primary drivers for the above trend are stated as under :

1) Soft gelatin capsules (softgels) offer the possibility of delivering a liquid in a solid dosage form. Hence, soft gelatin capsules can contain the active ingredient in solution, suspension or emulsion form.
2) Due to the wide possibilities of delivering the medication, the rate of absorption of the active ingredient increases substantially with soft gels compared to the more conventional formulations.
3) Due to enhanced bioavailability, soft gel formulation often are the only solution for delivering active ingredients with poor bioavailability.
4) Aesthetics, odor and taste masking of unpleasant ingredients.
5) Tamper resistance, protection of the active ingredient from light and oxidation, since the active ingredient is not directly exposed to the environment. 
6) Variety of Shapes and Colors to make our dosage forms appealing to all ages including infants and young children to adults and the geriatric populations.
7) Development of enteric coatings, modified release technologies has opened the venues for newer drugs to be delivered in the softgel formulation.
8) Compared to tablet and hard gelatin formulation, soft gel products are easier to swallow.


Enhanced bioavailability (F) not only attracts new chemical entities with poor F to be formulated in the soft gel form, but this technology can also be used for the   re-formulation of existing drug products

All of the above factors add to the medication adherence of the patient, and henceforth ensure healthier populations.


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