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Over 3 decades of experience in Soft Gelatin Production
Production facilities designed to comply with the US & EU standards
Well-trained professional and incorporation of the latest manufacturing technology
State of the art manufacturing units
The immense Research & Development in the field of soft gel formulations has helped in soft gels being recognized as a vital and effective drug delivery system.
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  Welcome to Olive Healthcare
The Olive Group of companies ventured into the world of soft gelatin formulations by setting up its first manufacturing facility over 3 decades ago. Over the years with the advancement and innovation of soft gelatin related technology, and the ever increasing emphasis on cGMP standards, we have set up two state of the art manufacturing units in India.


We at Olive Healthcare pioneer the science and technology associated with the reformulation of conventional oral dosage forms to soft gelatin products through our expertise in the research and development in this field. The pharmacokinetic parameters (bioavailability) of our re-formulated soft gel products have proven to be superior to the other conventional solid oral dosage forms


To keep pace with the global changes, growth in demand and introduction of innovative drug delivery systems we set up a fully automated modern state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Olive Healthcare has been recognized India’s Leading soft gelatin manufacturers and exporters of branded and generic drug lines. After the establishment of Olive Healthcare which is designed to comply with the US and EU standards, we intend to augment our focus to cater the increasing demands for soft gelatin formulations from the semi-regulated and regulated export markets.
Since inception of the first facility about 3 decades agao, we have been on the forefront in the manufacturing of soft gel formulations. With our enormous experience, professional and well-trained personnel and the incorporation of the latest manufacturing technology, we hold a competitive edge in the market.

Besides the technical expertise, we possess a substantial manufacturing capacity that enables us to provide competitive pricing.

We hold our corporate office in Mumbai, India and we look forward to meet your high volume demands as well as accommodate smaller jobs. We assure meeting your needs efficiently in a professional and reliable manner.
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